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Quest: Shipwreck Escape (난파선 탈출)

This is the first quest your character receives when they log in for the first time. Quest rewards include base and job experience as well as the start of another quest. See below for more details.

Part 1



An Injured Person Sprite
Injured Person (부상자)

Quest Log

Shipwreck Escape
난파선 탈출

Talk with the Captain
선장과 대화

We must escape from this ship that got ship-wrecked due to a storm we encountered during our travels. Let's tell someone about the injured people still on board.
여행 중 풍랑을 만나 무인도에 난파해 버린 배에서 탈출해야 한다. 선내에 아직 부상자가 있음을 알리자.


Click on the dialog bubbles to toggle the language between English and Korean.

  • Section A
    • Injured Person (부상자)
      Ugh.. help me.
      Anyone would be good.. Click on this body!
      Oh my god…
    • Injured Person (부상자)
      Wow! Thanks for helping me sit up!
      I'm not sure how this big accident happened, but we should hurry and leave this ship.
    • Injured Person (부상자)
      ... Oh my god. I'm not able to walk.
      I'm sorry, but can you go outside and call for help?
      Doing so would be really kind..
    • !- Announcement (안내) -!
      You received a quest from the NPC.
      Quest information can be found by using the Q keyboard shortcut or clicking the Quest icon in the menu tray.
    • Injured Person (부상자)
      Thankfully since the ship reached land it won't fill with more water.
      Just tell the people outside that I'm waiting here.
    • Injured Person (부상자)
      I'm fine! I'm really fine!
      So get out of here! Let people know I'm here.

    Part 2

    This is the conclusion of the Shipwreck Escape quest. Also, as this quest concludes the same NPC gives you the next quest, "The First Battle". Click here to go to that quest's page to learn more.


    For completing this quest, the character is given the following:



    Captain Carocc Sprite
    Captain Carocc (선장 카록)


    Click on the dialog bubbles to toggle the language between English and Korean. Where the player needs to make a selection, a dialog bubble with the options is shown, numbered for convenience (the numbers don't appear ingame). The option selected in the video is bolded. Where the video shows multiple paths, different sections are shown accordingly.

    • Section A
      • Captain Carocc (선장 카록)
        Is there still anyone in the cabin?!
        Anyway, I'm glad you're safe.
        Besides you, are there any others?
      • Player
        (1) Yes, there's someone inside. Please help him.
        (2) I don't think I could really see..?
      • Section B - Choice 2
        • Captain Carocc (선장 카록)
          Okay. I guess you're the last one.
          Fortunately the ship wasn't too badly
          damaged when we got caught up
          in that storm.
        • Captain Carocc (선장 카록)
          If you go southwest and follow the
          path between the trees, you'll find
          a new ship.
          If you get on that ship, it will take you
          to your original destination, Izlude.
        • Captain Carocc (선장 카록)
          Ah! That reminds me! The Poring living on
          this island stole and ate our repair
          materials and then ran away!
        • Captain Carocc (선장 카록)
          As you go along the path, get rid of
          2 Poring, collect 2 Lumber, and give them
          to the crew in the south.
        • Captain Carocc (선장 카록)
          I know it's difficult, but you're the only
          one here right now. So I'm asking you.
        • Chat Window
          Shipwreck Escape quest has been deleted.
          You have earned 2845 Base Experience.
          You have earned 100 Job Experience.
          You have received a new quest.

        The end of this quest leads directly into the next quest, "The First Battle". Click here to see details about that quest.