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[64] December 13th Maintenance Information

[ 2017.12.12 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

1. Number of Coco in Prontera Field 10 increased.

3. Fever area monsters will now use their skills more often.

4. Local guide NPCs have been added to Umbala and Lutie. Umbala locations: umbala 99, 158 and 128, 94. Lutie locations: xmas 140, 137.

6. Prontera regional quest: Fishing Bait (1) completion conditions changed. Instead of 10 Hard Horn, now need 10 Monkey Tail.

8. Reward for "Poring Village Investigation Quest" is now five [Not For Sale] 20 White Potion Box instead of one.

9. Portable Egg Incubator price has been lowered (10,000z → 100z).

13. Summoning conditions for some bosses have been updated:

  • [Vocal]: Kill 200 Rockers (was 50)
  • [Dark Orc Hero]: Kill 10,000 Dark High Orcs (was 1,000)
  • [Dark Orc Lord]: Kill 10,000 Dark Orc Archer (was 1,000)
  • [Desert Phreeoni]: Kill 10,000 Desert Hode (was 1,000)

16. The price of Cheese has been lowered to 28z from 2,800z.