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[16] Ragnarok: Zero 14th Day Maintenance Guide

[ 2017.12.04 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

1. FLEE penalty has been changed. The number of enemies required to induce the FLEE penalty has been increased slightly.

2. Increase Agility, Blessing, Angelus, Crazy Uproar changes outlined in Dev Note #03 added. Mainly:

  • Increase Agility: +1% ASPD per level, maximum of +10% at level 10.
  • Blessing: HIT +2 per level, maximum of +20 at level 10.
  • Angelus: +50 MaxHP per level, maximum of +500 MaxHP at level 10. This increase is a fixed value and does not affect amount Healed nor amount healed from the "Increase amount healed" option. Skill cooldown changed to 30 seconds.
  • Crazy Uproar: Gives STR +4 and ATK +30 to party members onscreen including self. A small amount of cast time and skill cooldown are added.

3. Geffen area regional quests added:

  • Leg Repairer Zion: gef_fild07 300, 205
  • Fishing Man: gef_fild09 273, 119

4. Payon area regional quests added:

  • Forest Keeper Sena: pay_fild07 291, 349
  • Forest Keeper Doori: pay_fild09 91, 164
  • One Forest Keeper: pay_fild10 114, 371

5. Morroc's Collectibles Merchant no longer sells Animal Skin or Bill of Birds.

6. You can get inn buffs at certain times in the following cities: Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Alberta, Aldeberan, Payon. Select 'Rest and go' and a certain time of day to receive the buff. For more info search for "Inn Buff" (여관버프) in the Tip Box.

9. Mini-games added to Comodo: Dice & number games

10. Cute Pet Evolution system is stopped for the time being.

12. Jello Fragments added to Poring Village. Fragments can be refined into Jello Stone through Stone Processsing (prt_in 118 31).

13. Fever area monsters received a skill balance, new equipment additions, and equipment options have been adjusted.

Plant Stem Bow

Removed "Double Strafe SP consumption reduced by 20%". Added "Bow damage increased by 5%".

Orcish Sword

Added "If refine rate +7 or higher, decrease Bash SP cost by 5."

Orcish Cleaver

Added "Increase ASPD by 10%. If refine rate +7 or higher, ASPD +1"

Orcish Blade

Added "Reduce SP consumption of Provoke by 50%"

Orcish Wand

Added "Increase Lightning Bolt damage by 10%"

Orcish Dagger

Added "If refine rate +7 or higher, ASPD +1. If +9 or higher, an additional ASPD +1."

Desert Leather Armor

Changed: Reduced existing HP increase option, reduced damage received from Formless monsters. Added: Increased HP at +7 or higher. Increased HP at +9 or higher, decreased damage received from Formless monsters.

Desert Leather Robe

Changed: Reduced existing HP, SP increase option, SP recovery decreased, Increase Agility & Blessing SP consumption decreased. Added: Increased HP, SP, and SP Recovery at +7 or higher. Increased HP, SP & SP Recovery at +9 or higher, decreased SP cost for Increase Agility and Blessing.

Desert Leather Suit

Changed: Reduced existing HP, SP increase option. Added: Increased HP, SP, HIT and FLEE at +7 or higher. Increased HP, SP, HIT and FLEE even more at +9 or higher.