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[121] Notice of maintenance on February 28th

[ 2018.02.27 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

6. Heart Merchant (심장 상인) added to navigation. Heart Merchant sells Heart Insurance, introduced in Maintenance #108.

7. Removed "Indestructible" bonus from Safety Shoes description.

9. Broadcasts related to the appearance of bosses in some Fever regions are fixed.

11. Alchemist Essence Lv1 and Lv2 bonus correction; "An abnormality in the option to increase the critical probability by the refine degree of the armor is corrected"

12. [Sturdy Coco Hunt (튼튼한 코코 사냥)] quest info changed. Since Strong Coco appears in the field south of Geffen, the location guide in the quest window will change.

13. Nifleheim quest "영원할 10000" (Eternal 10000) reward content is different from the quest window and a problem in which daily quest progress was impossible has been fixed.

14. 5 Cute Pet evolutions will be added.

  • Mastering Egg (Evolves from Poring)
  • Savage Egg (Evolves from Savage Bebe)
  • High Orc Egg (Evolves from Orc Warrior)
  • Metaller Egg (Evolves from Rocker)
  • Ancient Mummy Egg (Evolves from Mummy)

15. Follow function will be removed.

16. The following items will be added as available options for Purchase Stalls (Vend Stores).

  • All Jello Shards
  • All Jello Stones
  • Shimmering Crystal
  • Azure Crystal
  • Crimson Crystal
  • Jello Shard Box
  • Mythril Ore
  • Mythril

20. Atelier Manus added in the northwest of Prontera (prontera 50, 293).

21. Metamorphicist NPC added to the Prontera Enchant Association building who will transform a Jello Stone of one type into another Jello Stone of a different type. Costs 1 Gel Star.

22. Fixed a problem where no more summons occurred when taming Zealotus in Glast Heim fever.

23. Charge Cart 2 quest skill added. NPC is located at aldeberan 72, 240.

26. Poring Village MD will drop at least 1 Jello Shard Box even if the number of people does not meet a certain amount. (Basically it will always drop 1 Jello Shard Box on the weekends.)

30. The set option for the Khalitzburg Knight Armor (칼리츠버그 기사단의 갑옷) has been removed.