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[31] Job Balance Adjustment

[ 2018.02.23 ]

Hi Ragnarok Zero users. Ragnarok Zero team of RO1 studio here.

Today, our Zero team is going to give you some information on the balance adjustments between jobs that are currently being prepared for the middle of March.

Prior to the content of each job, I would like to tell you about the direction of Ragnarok Zero team's career balance.

We hope that you will enjoy various play styles with these jobs, and we plan to make continuous improvements by updating skills or items in areas that are not enough.

Swordman Series (검사 계열)

Knight (나이트)

We are aware of the fact that Knights are less powerful when using swords in comparison to spears, and are preparing to adjust that.

First of all, the base attack speed rate for Knight's two-handed swords will be increased.

This base attack speed rate increase, paired with the attack speed increase given by Two-Handed Quicken should help alleviate the difficulty of using a sword as a Knight.

After the attack speed adjustment, Bowling Bash and Two-Handed Quicken will be under review.

Crusader (크루세이더)

There are various ways to play Crusadar: Holy Cross, Grand Cross, and Sacrifice. However, we are considering ways to improve the use of Spear Quicken.

Merchant series (상인 계열)

Blacksmith (블랙스미스)

Blacksmith does not seem to need adjustments in terms of battle support in physical combat, and the adjustment to the random option list given to the manufacturing skill is under review.

Also, there are discussions on the Adrenaline Rush skill that will help you get more effective support for job classes that use Mace & Axes.

Alchemist (알케미스트)

Alchemist class basically crafts potions and has "toss" concept. As for potion pitcher, skill wont be using high priced potions but instead will be high healing skill and no further changes will be made.

As for Demonstration and Acid Terror, it has a part of destroying enemy equipments in PvP and chemical protection to prevent getting broken. Same as above there will be no more changes.

But on this patch we will have bio cannibalism and sphere mine skills changed.

Thief series (도둑 계열)

Assassin (어쌔신)

Assassin was excluded from this adjustment. The adjustment is also a low priority, and we are going to review the Venom-related skills.

Rogue (로그)

The dev team judges that the play direction of Rogues is more towards stealing the skills of other jobs.

However, I think that it is necessary to cultivate Rogue skills themselves, except for the bow-related ones.

As a result, we are improving Backstab for future adjustments.

In this adjustment, we will mitigate the decrease in attack speed when Rogues equip a shield.

Mage series (마법사 계열)

Wizard (위자드)

Not including at this time in the adjustments.

Sage (세이지)

We will slightly reduce the cast time required for Deluge, Volcano, Violent Gale, and Land Protector.

Additionally, we're preparing to improve Auto Spell in the next adjustment. For this we need to review the structure of the skill itself.

Alcolyte series (복사 계열)

Priest (프리스트)

Priests have been excluded from this round of adjustments, but it is under review to look at how Priest's might play a little more smoothly in direct physical combat play.

Monk (몽크)

We will improve the combination (chaining) type skills to be more effective.

Archer series (궁수 계열)

Hunter (헌터)

There will be improvements to help you use the trap skills by adding some casting changes and an item similar to a quiver.

Although not for this round, there is a review on improve Blitz Beat.

Bard & Dancer (바드&댄서)

Bard & Dancer are undergoing redevelopment of all performance, dance, and ensemble skills. Due to this extensive work, these jobs have been excluded from the second job class update. Currently development is about 70%, and we aim to update during April - May.

This note was about the direction of the balance adjustments currently planned for the various jobs. For more information, we will send you additional instructions as the update progresses. Thank you.