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[05] Large scale update in Q1 2018

[ 2017.12.28 ]

Hi. Ragnarok users. Ragnarok Zero team of RO1 studio. Today, we are announcing a massive update in the first quarter of 2018, which is being prepared by our Ragnarok Zero team.

Update schedule

Many teams related to Ragnarok Zero are currently working hard to stabilize the service. Our first goal is to provide you with a stable service and we will be ready to update soon. The large-scale update is scheduled for January 31st.

2nd class skill updates

Some of the second class skills will be revised. The contents are as follows.

2-1 Classes


  • Two-handed quicken: Increases ASPD (10% reduced after attack delay).


  • Adrenaline Rush: Increases ASPD (10% reduced after attack delay).
  • Power Thrust: No longer destroys weapon. Increases ATK at a higher rate for party members.
  • Weapon Production: Gives random options to the level 3 weapon being produced. Number of random options based on ranking (up to 5 options).


  • Meteor Storm: Cast modification (fixed cast rate modification).
  • Storm Gust: Decreased cast time, increased skill cooldown.
  • Lord of Vermimlion: Decreased cast time.


  • Suffragium: Removed count limit, buff full party within range.
  • Impositio Manus: Increases equipment ATK, MATK, and buffs full party within range.
  • Magnus Exorcimus: Decreased cast time.


  • Blitz Beat: Removed damage dispersion effect of auto Blitz Beat.
  • Landmine: Fixed cast.
  • Blast Mine: Fixed cast.
  • Claymore Trap: Modified casting.

2-2 Classes


  • Spear Quicken: Increases ASPD (10% reduced after attack delay).
  • Grand Cross: Removed feedback damage (keep 20% HP reduction penalty), fixed casting.


  • Bomb / Demonstration: Increased weapon destruction probability.
  • Acid Terror: Increased armor destruction probability.


  • Earth Spike: Increases damage.
  • Heaven's Drive: Decreased casting.


  • Change knuckle size penalty: Small 100% / Medium 100% / Large 75%


  • Change how performance buff works: Buff is given directly to party members in range, instead of being ground-based.
  • Melody Strike: Increased damage, fixed casting.


  • Change how dance buff works: Buff is given directly to party members in range, instead of being ground-based.
  • Slinging Arrow: Increased damage, fixed casting.

Bard & Dancer

  • Change how ensemble buff works: Buff is given directly to party members in range, instead of being ground-based.

Steal skill improvement

There are no random options for equipment currently stolen by Thieves using Steal. In the future, this will be corrected.

New areas

At the same time as the second job class update, three new dungeons will be opened, and some of the dungeons are made up of the "Fever" area.

Turtle Island Dungeon

Turtle Island Dungeon, consisting of one field and three dungeon levels (a total of four maps), is a dungeon specializing in insect and animal monsters. You can take a boat from Alberta.

Clock Tower Dungeon

The Clock Tower in the center of Aldebaran, which is composed of various levels, is a dungeon specaliazing in formless monsters.

Glast Heim Dungeon

The Glast Heim Dungeon, located to the west of Geffen, is a complex dungeon consisting of various dungeons. There are various kinds of monsters such as demon, undead, and insect types.

Direction of New Fever Areas

In the old Fever areas, there were two benefits: acquiring equipment and acquiring experience. The experience points were there to help level up to second job. For the newly added Fever areas after the second job update, the focus will be on equipment acquisition rather than experience.

New Memorial Dungeons & Memorial Dungeon Equipment Update

3 new memorial dungeons will be added. These new memorial dungeons will have min-level requirements of 70, 80 and 99. New equipment will be added with new dungeons and the equipment will be upgradable with previous equipments + jello stones and other materials.

Party item distribution change

Normally when the item is looted, the person who picks up the item was shared within 11x11 cells of the looter. The new sharing mechanism will be 31x31 around the party leader will be shared, but those who are looting outside of 31x31 cell will individually loot and not be shared.

Change the weight limit value of some manufacturing skills

Arrow Creation and Stone Picking skills will be usable up to 70% overweight instead of 50% overweight.