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[03] Balance update information

[ 2017.11.29 ]

Hi. Ragnarok users. Ragnarok Zero team of RO1 studio. We have prepared a lot of tests for Ragnarok Zero so that many users will have more fun adventuring. Today, let's talk about what we're preparing for balances.

1st class skill balance

Ragnarok Zero is in the process of adjusting the balance of the 1st class skills to promote party play from early on. We are in the process of adjusting the balance for the Merchant and Acolyte jobs. The current contents are as follows.


  • Crazy Uproar: On-screen party-wide targets, increases ATK


  • Increase Agility: Increases ASPD
  • Blessing: Increases HIT
  • Angelus: Increases MaxHP

2nd class update and skill balance

The update of the second job is scheduled for the first week of January 2018, and we are also working on improving the skill balance for the second job group.

We will guide you via the developer notes on the direction of the skill balance work of the 2nd class group in the future.

In addition, when you update the 2nd job class, the required experience table will be changed to meet the level 99 standard. The difference between the current experience value table and the total required experience value of the table that is changed when the 99th level is expanded will not be large. As is tradition, the schedule will be flexible after the 2nd job update, and I do not consider the 3rd job update right now. Since the adjustment work for Ragnarok Zero is somewhat necessary for the 3rd career group, we are currently working on the second career group only.

Stat balance

There are still many questions about the status formula at play. The ultimate goal at Ragnarok Zero is not to reiterate the various difficulties encountered in equipment settings, etc, while remaining bound to the limited status system prior to Renewal.

If addition, the evasion rate formula will be improved. In the past, there was a penalty when applying the evasion rate when the number of enemies was three or more. We will improve the direct effectiveness of the evasion rate based on the change in the point of time when the penalty is applied. (이러한 부분에 대해서 패널티가 적용되는 시점의 변경 및 패널티 폭의 변경을 토대로 회피율의 직접적인 효능을 개선할 예정입니다.)

Future equipment balance

The initial random equipment options, which are dropped in the general fields, is intended to allow you to experience various equipment setups during initial play. However, you will need to set up a variety of equipment as you move to 2nd job. The equipment settings after the second job addition will focus on how to play and create various contents in the game, such as blacksmith's manufacturing weapons to be reorganized, upgraded equipment made from various materials, and upgrades of the memorial dungeon equipment.

Of course, Fever Fields will continue to be added and we will be able to continue to acquire the equipment in those fields. Due to the equipment settings, we plan to add a variety of equipment in a way that allows for a wide variety of types.

In addition, the most worrying concern is the charge for equipment acquisition. As we introduced in the past, there is no random box charging system in which the equipment itself is obtained directly. We are only working to the extent that we can utilize Gel Star to shorten the time it takes to enchant an item. No equipment is available for billing purposes, and all equipment can be obtained based on the in-game material and content usage.

Ragnarok Zero's party balance

Ragnarok Zero's party balance makes partying more necessary for fighting more powerful monsters. It will increase the necessity of party play by increasing the experience gained in battle and more item rewards.

Especially now, when you play a Memorial Dungeon, the more people in your party, the greater rewards at the end.