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[01] Detailed information about Ragnarok Zero

[ 2017.11.22 ]

Hi Ragnarok users, Ragnarok Zero team here.

We have prepared a lot of Ragnarok Zero for testing, so that many users will have fun adventuring. Today, let's talk about Ragnarok Zero being tested.


Ragnarok Zero uses a post-renewal status system. Prior to renewal, the status system was very important and carried a lot of weight, so the need for equipment farming was reduced, or the performance gap between stats and equipment was severely compromised.

Ragnarok Zero attempts to maximize fun through farming diverse equipment and giving equipment different options.

There are some changes to elements outside the status system. Armor increased by 3 times the original armor level, and status-based resistance values changed. Other things that have changed:

  • The party equalization system
  • The level difference experience penalty
  • The drop rate penalty
  • Global skill cooldown has been limited to a maximum of 0.3 seconds

You will be able to change to second class on January 2018.

Quest structure change

In Ragnarok Zero, the goal of monster hunting is to farm, and leveling up is done easily through various quests. We have a new system ready to proceed.

Quest rewards reorganization

In Ragnarok Zero, a system has been added that provides a certain amount of quest reward experience. As a result, if you continue the various quests, you can acquire a lot of experience easily, and you can find various items such as reward items from quests and good consumable items. This means that the speed and efficiency of level up will vary depending on how much and how efficiently you perform quests in Ragnarok Zero.

Quest UI screenshot

Tip Box information revision

In Ragnarok Zero, the Tip Box offers a variety of quest information. In Ragnarok Online world, there are a myriad of other quests besides episode quests, and we are aiming for a structured quest method so that adventurers of the Midgard Continent can enjoy quests freely. We will support you in the Tip Box to make it easier to search for and start such quests.

Tip Box UI screenshot

Quest UI and internal quest structure changes

Quest UI has been improved and various functions have been added. In Ragnarok Zero, each of the quests were rebuilt internally. Based on this, the quest UI has been changed, and many functions have been developed to provide more diverse materials.

If you do not know where to go during the quest, open the quest window (ALT + U) and click on the link. Navigation will guide you as much as possible.

In addition, various quests such as "Geffenia Entrance" quests and "Killhair School Entrance" are being restructured to lower difficulty levels. (또한 게페니아 입장 퀘스트, 킬하이르 학원 입장 퀘스트 등 과거에 제작된 퀘스트들에 대해서는 내부적인 구조 재구성 또는 난이도 하향 조정을 위한 신규 제작 등 다양한 작업이 진행되고 있습니다.) The contents will be updated sequentially.

Quest UI screenshot

Billing system

Ragnarok Zero runs partial subscription services like Ragnarok Online. This will allow more Ragnarok users to enjoy the game. In addition, Ragnarok Zero will sell monthly premium account and character premium services, and will introduce a new commodity called "Gel Star" (젤스타), which will change the billing system.

Premium service products

Ragnarok Zero offers more variety of premium services.

Account Premium Services: Account Packages

The monthly premium service is a service that increases experience, drop rate, lowers death penalty and increases storage capacity. This service applies to all characters in your account at the time of purchase.

Character Premium Service; Essential Package

The Essential Package is a character premium service that adds convenience to the game. This product has a 20% increase in EXP and drop rate, and it has a limited number of 10 Dews of Yggdrasil ([세계수의 이슬]) with some functions of "Gel Star" every day. (Please note that when refilling the dew beware the remaining dew will be retreived.) Through the "Dew of Yggdrasil" number, you can conveniently use the world map transfer service or receive special buffs.

Character Premium Service: Hunting Package

The Hunting Package is a character premium package that allows you to get 50% experience and 100% drop rate twice daily for 1 hour each day. In Ragnarok Zero, you can not sell or easily acquire the effects of an existing combat manual or bubble gum as a separate item, so this is a very attractive premium item for users who want to grow quickly.

Probability-type products

Ragnarok Zero does not offer any more high-performance equipment through a probability-type product. Instead, a variety of convenience and stylish items are the main cash shop items.

Special Toolbox

Special Toolbox is a random item that can give you convenience and stylish items at random by paying a "Gel Star" to each village Tool Merchant.

In addition, there is no need for a "Gel Star" to get the achievements. There are various ways to use the special Toolbox via free coupons in game.

Achievement screenshot

The useful consumable items included in the 1st test are items that are used as reward items through various quests, not special toolboxes, and are provided so that you can quickly use them for performance and preference tests.

Quest reward screenshot

Fashion Stones: Costume Replacements

Fashion Stones: Costume Helm Replacement is a random item that can produce 1 out of 300 costume helmets by paying a "Gel Star" to the constume exchange NPC. Like the Special Toolbox, you can get coupons for free in various ways.

Fashion stone via achievement quest

Fever Field

Ragnarok Zero has more powerful monsters than normal monsters, and they live in a "Fever Field". It is a difficult field, but it has the advantage of dropping Fever Field equipment, which has better random options then regular equipment. Also, Mithril Ore drops, which is essential for various equipment combinations.

Fever field monster screenshot Fever field equipment options screenshot Fever field Mithril Ore

Item farming structure

Random options

Ragnarok Zero gives different equipment random options. We are making more specific options for close range, ranged, and magical weapons. There are also random options such as HP / SP recovery, fixed casting reduced by X seconds, and some options that aren't found in any other in-game equipment. As part of the synergy between jobs in the game, Ragnarok Zero is aiming for close party play among the professions.

Specialized equipment upgrades

You can now acquire occupational specialized armor gear from Memorial Dungeons. The equipment can be upgraded from level 60 to level 70, starting with the basic equipment and progressively upgrading to level 70, through the material items obtained by playing the Memorial Dungeons.

Memorial Dungeon equipment

Advanced equipment combinations

For advanced equipment with options, it will be provided in the form of collecting production materials and materials through various contents in game, and making items through the materials and NPCs. Mithril is an important item used in various combinations and must be collected through various methods such as "Fever Fields" and Memorial Dungeons.

Tip Box screenshot

Thor's Flame

Near each smelting NPC, Thor's Flame NPC is added. This NPC will randomly change various ores to other ores, and will upgrade certain materials to other materials with Zeny or "Gel Star". It also provides the ability to refine Mithril Ore into Mithril, and also makes the necessary items for smelting "Bounty of Blacksmith".

Thor's Flame choices Thor's Flame mithril

The above contents are under development, so various contents may be changed.

For further information, please refer to the notice on the homepage.

Thank you.